It is our belief every building or community development impacts the following three global issues:
•   Climate Change
•   Loss of Habitat
•   Loss of Potable Water

Mitigating human impact in these arenas needs to be a primary concern for the building industry.  We seek opportunities to explore these issues with our projects.

William Grover has over 40 years of hands-on experience managing the design and construction of a wide variety of building types. Combining this experience with an intuitive understanding of the impact our choices have on the life support systems of the Earth creates unique opportunities for building and community development to be part of the solution for a sustainable, fulfilling, and just future.

Our consulting service provides leadership in the following areas :

A. Residential  and Small Commercial Buildings
•   Feasibility Studies,
•   Establishing Building Program
•   Design/Construction Documents
•   Permitting/Regulatory Approval
•  Contractor Review & Selection

B. Design management services to corporate and institutional clients . 
•   Setting ecological goals
•   Program development 
•   Site & Design Team selection
•   Budget analysis & Design Review
•   Contractor Selection
•   Construction Bid Review

C. Cohousing/Ecovillage Developments
•   Master Planning
•   Programming and Design Workshops
Willaim Grover,
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Morville House Addition,
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Sorenson Residence, Belfast Maine
Master Plan for Unity On the River, Amesbury, Massachusetts
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